Medical Device Regulation

Date: 30th of August 2023


Medical purpose

MindAhead Active is an interactive mobile phone and tablet app for independent use by patients with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia. It contains scientific treatment elements of preventive dementia therapy as well as exercises and instructions for a healthy and active lifestyle and supports their implementation. 

The application includes an evidence-based and personalized intervention based on behavioral activation. The intervention aims to increase participation in cognitive, physical, and social activities. It also includes educational content on behavioral activation, motivation, and lifestyle changes to help with memory loss and other types of cognitive impairment.

The MindAhead Active app supports and helps patients with mild cognitive impairment and mild dementia (ICD-10-GM codes: F06.7, F00.-*, F01.-, F03, F07.8) to alleviate the symptoms of their condition.Medical Purpose


CE Mark 

The MindAhead Active App is a Class I medical device according to the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR).